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Soyeon reveals Eunjung’s sleeping habits

soyeon reveals eunjungs sleeping habits

Soyeon reveals Eunjung's sleeping habits

On T-ara’s recent interview in Entertainment Tonight, they showed off their new looks for their comeback YaYaYa.

Member Soyeon who was notorious for revealing T-ara’s habits, revealed Eunjung’s sleeping habits.

Because she has alot of activities, when she goes home she’s very tired and goes to bed immediately.” she continues “When she sleeps she has this habit which makes her look scary! When she’s fully asleep, her lips curl up(refer to the picture) and it looks weird

Because of this, Eunjung felt embarassed, and the MC with T-ara exploded in laughter!

Meanwhile, T-ara has recently started their comeback promotions for their Mini-album “Temptastic”.